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Why should you use Instagram for gaming?

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016

Why should you use Instagram for gaming?

In the past few years, game marketing has evolved in many ways. The latest statistic shows that you can reach gamers through new social networks like Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest, and Instagram. It is true that Instagram advertising is relatively unknown to the majority of its users, but if you are in the gaming business, you should definitely try to promote your gaming on Instagram, especially because first response and engagement rates are extremely promising!

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If you are thinking to promote your game or gaming site through Instagram, you will be glad to find out that it is a perfect place for such promotion as gaming and Instagram are both visual mediums. In that sense, an Instagram is an ideal to show yourself to the world as intense competitiveness is present on the platform. The atmosphere of competitive action should inspire you to share things you love, but also, take the time to notice what other players are doing.

Promote your gaming on Instagram!

marvel insta adIt is a fact that you cannot stream hours and hours of gameplay directly on Instagram, but you can use it to promote your gaming. You should definitely use Instagram to grow your fanbase and promote your gaming blog or channel. You can also use short videos to promote Youtube streaming gaming channels or live Twitch sessions.In your gaming promotions, it is essential to use specific hashtags to describe your presence on the Instagram. Find popular hashtags related to your keywords such as #gaming, #gamingpc,#gamers or #instagamer, create quality content and simply post screenshots of your gameplay or short videos with selected hashtags. Try to find the prime time based on the level of engagement or posting history and you will surely get a lot of likes and followers. To set up yourself as the dominant gamer you should connect with Instagram influencers in this field, follow them, like their photos, comment – just engage with an entire community.

Sell your games via Instagram!

The Instagram is a mobile platform, therefore, mobile gaming apps are working perfectly on Instagram. It is almost a breeze to tap Instagram Ad, switch to Google Play or App Store and install a game. You will be amazed to know that users who download games and apps from Instagram actually are spending 65% more time using the application! It is the great signal for anyone who is in gaming business to seriously consider Instagram as a primary promotional platform. If you are an android game developer searching for a perfect way to promote your newest game, look no further – Instagram is the ideal place for such promotion!


Use Instagram for testing your games!

You’ve probably noticed high-quality gameplay screenshots and creative 15 seconds gaming videos on Instagram. Game developers introduced trend of posting such content as they are getting high engagement ratio, which is ideal for testing purposes. It really doesn’t matter if you are an active gamer, game designer, developer or seller, if you invest some time in Instagram promoting, you will without a doubt be able to create a huge amount of followers, likes and potential customers.

Many gamers and game developers are more focused on Twitter or Facebook promotions, so it’s a great time to take advantage of Instagram as one of the most popular social media platforms and show the thrill of your gaming to the world!

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Hungry Shark Evolution – game review

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016

Hungry Shark Evolution – game review



Hungry Shark Evolution the 5th game in the Hungry Shark series, which was initially released in 2012 and created by Future Games of London. This is most likely to be the final instalment of the game, but it is continuously updated by the creators. By far, this is the most complete version of the game, with amazing graphics and numerous features, which make sure that the game is fun and that you want to play more. Based on more than 3 million votes, the game is graded 4.5 on iTunes and Google Store, which shows that there are certainly many satisfied players. If you are old enough to remember Ecco the Dolphin, that used to be played on old game consoles, you will notice a resemblance and see what the inspiration for this game was.

TigerThe point of the game is leading a shark through water and devouring everything that comes in the way, while avoiding the dangers such as bigger sharks, underwater bombs, jellyfish and porcupine fish, which can damage the health of the shark and eventually kill it. Every game has a mission to be accomplished, and other than that, the everlasting mission is to keep the shark alive and at the same time collect coins and gems you can later use for buying items or getting a new type of a shark. If you want to get more coins you should try hungry shark evolution coin and gem hack 

Like in any other game, there are plus and minus sides to this one as well. To start with the negative aspects, since there are fewer of these, we will start from the maps – of which you have only one and you can purchase additional two.

On the other hand, the maps are large enough so they do not get dull too soon.

The map is created so that searching for the particular objects comes down to randomly swimming around instead of following a plan. Sometimes the objects disappear without any logic, because they seem to be generated only in a small area around the shark’s current position. There is also a slight resentment on the animation, because the eating is poorly animated, unlike the rest of the game.

188036302313063877743735680580c7On the plus side, there are certainly many more aspects. First of all, graphics of the game is brilliant, and both the models and the background objects are 3D and rich in details. The number of fish and creatures (including humans) to eat is huge, as well as the number of dangers to avoid, which makes the game interesting and versatile enough. Movement and turning is well animated, and the commands are simple – you move the shark in any direction by sliding your finger on a screen, and when you want to devour a creature, you give your shark a boost by tapping and holding a finger on the other side.

It may take a while to get used to the commands if you are not a regular player of these kinds of games, but it does not take too long and it is suitable for everyone.

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Reasons for and against playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Posted by on Feb 14, 2016

Reasons for and against playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

After successfully launching several projects, such as her line of perfumes and spin-offs of her reality TV show, Kim Kardashian also decided to create a video game. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was created by Glu Games, and after being launched in June 2014, it earned Kim over 1.5 million dollars only five days after its release.

About the game’s characteristics, a lot can be told, and to be fair – there are many positive aspects. First of all, the graphics is decent and the game is rich in details, full of different items to be bought, sold, used, clicked on etc. Kim herself made sure that every detail is done as she had imagined, and she was the one controlling whether it was done as the game was still in the process of creation. The story of the game is based on the events often present in show business world – it is all about becoming famous from being completely anonymous. You have a character to create, and she (or he) is the one who will be discovered and pushed into the world of show-biz by virtual Kim.

10841804_845975862127761_3785732560071879946_o (Copy)In order to become an A-list celebrity from an anonymous shop assistant in a boutique, your character will be asked to complete various tasks – these can include helping Kim work in her boutique Kardash, to doing photo shoots, acting in commercials, throwing parties everyone will talk about… Other than these, you might be asked to find a partner because it is better for your position in the world of celebrities, so you will be able to flirt with more or less “important” people. For the fans of Kim Kardashian, this game can be interesting, because it shows some aspects of her life, but it also depicts, through the character they create, what it is like to become a celebrity from a completely unknown person.

If you are interested in finding out what it takes to become “someone”, this is the game to play, but we believe that this is only a milder version of what it actually takes to get recognized all over the world if you star off as an anonymous person.

Kim-Kardashian-Hollywood-3.3.0On the minus side, this game might be a bad influence if it is played by very young children, showing them a wrong model of behavior and teaching them wrong values. Through this game, even though it is well-designed and rich in graphics and missions, children can learn that money and popularity should come before self-respect, decency and healthy relations with other people, which is probably not something you would like your kids to believe. In addition to this, even though the game is free for download, the currencies you need for buying accessories are extremely difficult to earn (especially the stars), so they can be bought for real money – and you need them so that you can complete the tasks successfully. In other words, despite being free in app stores, this game will actually cost you a certain amount of money if you want to play it right but if you want to get that for free use Kim Kardashian stars generator free.

After all this, it is, of course, up to you whether you will download it or not. It is recommended not to let young children play, but for adults, it can be fun at least as an experiment and an introduction to the ways in which show business works.
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